Keynote Speaker

Program topics and themes are tailored to each audience’s particular goals, with keynotes designed to inspire, motivate, and humor audience members allowing them to realize they can accomplish challenging goals in their own lives.

I have had the honor of presenting/participating in various events and venues. The following represents a partial list of previous engagements:

SXSW, Memphis, Tennessee
ASCAP Awards, Los Angeles, California
Make your own kind of Music, Los Angeles, California
Grammy University, Los Angeles, California
Ex'pression Center for New Media, Emeryville, California
Academy of Arts, San Francisco, California
SAE Institute, San Francisco, California
Breitenbush Hot Springs, Salem, Oregon
Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, California
Golden West College, Huntington Beach, California
Cal State Long Beach, Long Beach, California
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California
and numerous Community and Fundraising events

Partial list of Moderated Topics:
Music and Technology
Touring Making $ From the Road
The Art of Artist Management
Licensing Music for Film, Television and Games
Digital Distribution Strategies
Publishing Success
How to Write a Grand Slam Marketing Plan
Modern A&R
Music Industry Trends
Music Branding Success
Music in Advertising
360 Deal Negotiations
Using Social Media to Promote Music
Music and Advertising
Being a Community Leader- Entreprenuer’s Unite!
Ending Violence for Women and Children
Reducing Your Carbon Footprint as a artist

Music Industry Topics

What is Success to You?: Being a top 100 selling act in North America is the dream, but the reality is, it isn’t for everyone. Identifying your individual strengths, and building your career to highlight your specific skills, can be the difference from being successful and just another broke musician trying to make the big time.

Crossing Over Fear to Creativity: Has fear stopped you from really tapping into your creative process? Then it has probably kept you from starting a project or growing as a creative individual. The conscience and subconscious voices within each of us as well as cultural/societal influences can stop you from experiencing growth and success.

How to Sell Music Without a Major Label Deal: Physical CD sales continue to decline, and distribution deals being inaccessible. What can you or your artists do to sell more music without having a major label deal.

Sponsorship for Indie artists: How can an Indie artist create relationships with the big equipment manufacturers and other business’s while offsetting the cost of purchasing the latest and greatest technologies for upcoming tours.

Network Your Way to success: How do you get the most out of your musical business network? The entertainment industry has always been relationship driven. How to get the most from your musical network to reach your goals.

Business Plans for Artists: Being a successful artist means having a detailed plan as the foundation of your business. Your plan keeps you focused, attracts investors, and is a requirement for partnering with larger organizations to grow your business and income opportunities. Learn what key components you need to develop to grow and succeed as an independent or signed artist.

Multiple Revenue Streams for Artists: Creating diverse product offerings allows you to stay connected to your passions and create multiple revenue streams in addition to simply creating music. Utilize free and low cost tools that will keep your fans coming back for more!

Targeting and Growing Your Fan Base: Direct to fan marketing. How more than ever you can identify where your fans are, engage and market directly to them, so they help you and your music business grow and succeed.

Creating Your Brand: Your personal brand is the key component to customers buying your product. Branding is not just for celebrities and big brands. In the digital age, you can leverage the same tools as the big brands to successfully market your products to a buying public.

Community Healing

Being a Community Leader - Entrepreneurs Unite!: Identifying needs within our communities, providing measurement tools and solutions to address those needs. Reshaping our future by inspiring others through community-wide dialogue, education, and building consensus and collaboration.

Don’t Let Hate Go Viral: Our social media tools have taken free speech to a new level, bringing individuals to a reactive point. Cyber-bullies, terrorists, and politicians are pushing the boundaries and then hide under the cloak of freedom of speech. What can we do to protect ourselves and our children from the barrage of information pushing individuals to the brink?

Music to Heal: Music has been used in research as a effective tool to reduce violence in our communities, reduce pain, facilitate healing, while activating learning. The advances of this work have led to accreditation programs for music healers, as well as opening hospitals, hospice, and community centers as opportunities for artists to heal and give back to our communities.

Bystanders, Bullies and the Bullied: Understanding the roles played out in our communities. Understanding the signs when someone is targeted by a bully, the critical role that bystanders play, and how we can end the cycle of violence against women and children.