Without major label support, artists need to understand when they need a booking agent, manager, publishing company and legal assistance. As your business strategist, I offer development services to emerging artists, and creative business owners, utilizing strategic partnerships with experts in their field to help you maximize your success.

Getting Started:
Schedule your initial consultation- *Note Initial consultations are $75 for 1 hr. and are payable at the time of our meeting. Meetings can be conducted face to face, via email or skype depending upon your geographic location.

During your consultation we will review:
1) Overview discussing your goals and ambitions
2) Evaluation of what partnerships and collateral you currently have in place
3) Creation of a project proposal, customized to your creative goals

Partial list of consulting topics include:

Establishing a 1 year Success Plan - Your roadmap to moving forward in the next 12 months.

Brand/Artist Identity - Your customers need to know who you are and why they should care about you.

Elevator Pitch - correctly identifying opportunities, and understanding your audience before you say a word, THEN having a clear concise message about what value you provide them.

Artist Promo Package - Creating a compelling Promo kit for your customers/ investors - Headshot, professionally written bio, and artist samples/video

Web & Social Media Presence - Having the correct content and messaging means having a growing base of paying customers

Business Plans - Knowing your market, vision, direction, product and your value to the market

Targeting and Growing Your Fan/Client Base - You can’t be everything to everyone; who are the customers that love you and want to buy from you.

When you need a Booking Agent, Manager, Publishing Company, Attorneys

Coaching - Preparing for an upcoming show, festival or tour? Connect with new fans and investors creating a powerful performance that everyone is talking about.

Preparing to Go into The Studio? - How to make the best use of your time and money and negotiating the best deal, Which studio is the best place for YOU to track your recordings? Production assistance, Mixing and Mastering.

Customized Promotional Events - Creative campaigns, to help promote sales, brand awareness, and grow your network of buying fans.
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